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Call Me Freedom

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Freebo: lead and harmony vocals, acoustic guitar, fretless bass, mandolele
Robert Greenidge: steel drum
John Molo: drums and percussion


Freebo, Bassline Music (BMI)
Moe Dixon, Swift River Music (BMI)

I was born into a boundary,
Someone else’s dream,
Half awake and headed
To a dead end destiny.
Then a wind came out of nowhere,
Caught me by surprise,
It woke me from my slumber,
And it opened up my eyes.

Call me Freedom,
Ridin’ with the wind.
I can’t afford to waste
Another day.
Call me Freedom,
When I pass this way again,
I’ll meet you and
We’ll make the music play…
We’ll make the music play…

Well it ain’t about the money,
And it ain’t about the fame.
You’ll never find your happiness
In someone else’s game.
So I’ll play my ukulele,
You can strum that old guitar.
And we’ll sing this song together
While we’re riding in my car.

Call me Freedom, ……..
woh oh, woh oh oh, woh oh, woh oh oh.

Catch me in the moment,
Catch me as you are,
Catch me with a smile,
And we’ll catch a falling star.
I’ll meet you at the sunrise,
We’ll dance all through the night.
We’ll sleep enough in Heaven,
So let’s get down and do it right.


If you ever write another verse
And add it to this song,
Make sure it rhymes in rhythm
So we all can sing along.
And when the song is over,
Though it may never be,
I’ll meet you back in Heaven,
And you can sing this song to me.

Call me Freedom, ……..
woh oh, woh oh oh, woh oh, woh oh oh.