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Funk Up The Folk

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Freebo: lead vocal, acoustic guitar, fretless bass
Eric Schwartz: lead duet vocal, vocal ad-libs
Fuzzbee Morse: electric guitars
Skip Edwards: organ
Jerry Marotta: drums
Lee Thornburg: trumpet, trombone, horn arrangement
David Woodford: tenor and baritone saxophones


Funk Up The Folk
by Freebo (BMI) & Eric Schwartz (ASCAP)

There's a wrong that needs righting,
I gotta say it out loud.
There's a time for uniting,
And a time to stand proud,
People raising their voices,
To do the right thing,
People coming together
To stand up and sing.
Music makes the mountain move
But it ain't gonna move...without no groove

Don't you think it's time to funk up the folk.
Don't you think it's time to funk it up
Well it ain't no crime, and it ain't no joke,
Don't ya think it's time to funk up the folk
Don't you think it's time to funk it up...
FUNK IT UP!...(Groove)

I got no gripe with a Cumbaya,
But what would'a happened if Woody had a Wah Wah?
Dylan was a killin' in 64,
But when he plugged it in, he was killin' it even more.
Marvin Gaye and Marley,
Added on a funky beat,
When the masses heard the music,
They were takin' it to the street.....oh....

Puff the Magic Dragon,
Charlie on The MTA,
Mr Tamborine Man,
Each one sold a million in their day.
The times they are a changin',
Sonny, the beat goes on.
A little bit of rearrangin',
Sweeten up the same ol' song....oh....

If TV news got you singin' the blues
If your head is spinnin' around
get your tie-dye tee and your blue suede shoes
Put the good foot down

I hope you're not shocked or offended
By the message we've shared in this song.
We needed to add one more verse here,
'Cause folk songs, you know, are quite long.
But we're all out of things to express now
And also, we've run out of rhyme
So what shall we do? Can you guess, now?
Yes, we'll sing the chorus one more time...Oh,